Pašman is a beautiful small island in the heart of the Mediterranean that has preserved all the traditions and indigenous way of life. Come and get to know the Mediterranean culture and customs, forget about everyday life, leave stress and worries behind, and indulge in all the charms of the Mediterranean way of life.


Visiting the island of Pašman means leaving everyday life on the other side of the mainland and immersing yourself in a special Mediterranean world. A beautiful island surrounded by the clear Adriatic Sea hides a premium family resort perfect for a dream vacation. Enjoy the island life, the scents of the Mediterranean, the charms of Dalmatia, and indulge in the luxury offered by „The Palms“, a very unique family resort. The coast offers an unforgettable view of many islands and islets that hide the secrets of untouched nature, and the Mediterranean climate has developed rich flora and fauna, many species of medicinal and aromatic plants, and the seabed which preserves all types of shellfish and fish of the Croatian Adriatic.


The geographical position helped elevate the island of Pašman to a prime tourist destination due to its Mediterranean climate, which means mild winters and beautiful, warm summers and abundance of Mediterranean vegetation that provides protection from the sun and a unique experience of a synergy of smells, tastes, and colors.


In our resort, you can try driving around the island on electric bicycles, scooters, electric scooter Chopper, Quad. Find the most beautiful hidden coves, viewpoints and get to know the charms of our island. Create your own trips and your research can begin!


One of the most convenient ways to introduce a person to the culture and way of life of people in a certain area is through food. Thus, in addition to beautiful weather and natural beauty, the tourist offer also includes gastronomy. Through various gastronomic delicacies, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with delicacies that are indigenous to the Pašman region. 

Through old indigenous dishes, you can experience what life in this area once looked like, what foods they used and what ways of preparing food the inhabitants knew, the diversity of plants and animal species in the area, both in the village and in cities, each dish can tell a historical and cultural story.


Everything you want to know about the sea and the underwater world will be uncovered only when you peek into its depths. Nature has generously and completely taken care of the different types of activities that will provide you with curiosity, picturesqueness of unexplored bays, and the depths of the underwater world, which are a real attraction. 

This area is an ideal destination for divers and all lovers of the sea who will thus get to know the magnificent but still unexplored underwater flora and fauna.